WAS Board of Directors - Call for Nominations

Dear Society Members,

This message is a plea for nominations to fill four positions on the Wisconsin Archeological Society Board of Directors whose terms are up this year. The positions are President, Vice President, and two At-Large Board Directors.
If you would like to nominate someone for one of the four positions, please:

  1. Send your nomination to president@wiarcheologicalsociety.org along with contact information for the nominee by Monday, Sept. 24, 2018. The Elections & Nominations committee will contact the nominated individual to confirm their acceptance of the nomination.

  2. Those that have accepted their nomination, please provide a short biography of yourself in a paragraph for the slate of candidates indicating:

    1. Position you are nominated to fill,

    2. Experience within the Society,

    3. How you feel you can best fill the position for which you are nominated and move the Society forward. 

The slate of candidates will be posted on the Society website, Facebook page, and sent to members on Friday, Sept. 28th. Reminders will be sent out mid-month in October and one week before end voting to request members to vote. Only Wisconsin Archeological Society members will be allowed to vote. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Society, please visit our membership page here.
The Society will use an online voting process, BallotBin.com. Members will receive an email with a code to enter to place their vote on BallotBin.com. The time frame for voting will be open from Oct. 1-31.
The results will be announced one week from the end of voting, Wednesday, Nov. 7th.
This your opportunity to have a say in the future of the Wisconsin Archeological Society, and I urge you provide nominations to the slate of candidates and participate by voting for your representatives on the Society Board of Directors.

Seth Schneider
Wisconsin Archeological Society