Burial Sites Preservation Law Update

Tomorrow is the State Senate's final session to consider the newly modified Burial Sites Preservation Law (AB 118). The Senate's calendar is posted online here: http://insession.legis.wisconsin.gov/senate

The session begins at 11:00 am. There are many bills on the calendar. I don't know when the burial bill will come up, but the calendar suggests that it is early in the list. There is no public comment opportunity tomorrow, but the "public" may watch the proceedings. 

It is possible, though not likely, that a senator could attempt to modify the bill from the floor. If that happened, and a majority of the senate agreed, the bill would die. Any major change would have to go back to committee for a public hearing and committee consideration before it could brought to the legislature for a full vote; that could not be accomplished until after this legislative session had concluded (according to their calendar for this year).

We hope that tomorrow brings no changes and that the bill will pass. After the bill passes tomorrow, it must be signed by the Governor. A formal signing ceremony at some point in the near future is being discussed, but there is no plan in place that I know of.