2014 - Volume 95 Issue 2 - PDF

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2014 - Volume 95 Issue 2 - PDF


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Table of Contents

  • Editors’ Corner - Constance M. Arzigian, Katherine P. Stevenson, and Vicki L. Twinde-Javner
  • A Festschrift for James L. Theler: An Introduction - Matthew G. Hill
  • Mentoring Jim: David A Baerreis from an Oklahoma Perspective - Don G. Wyckoff
  • Lunch with JT - Robert F. (Ernie) Boszhardt
  • Identity, Ideology, and the Effigy Mound-Oneota Transformation - William Green
  • Dating the Nebraska Variant of the Central Plains Tradition - Joseph A. Tiffany and Stephen C. Lensink
  • The Swennes Site: A Winter Oneota Occupation in La Crosse, Wisconsin - Constance Arzigian
  • Upper Valley Dalton at the Sucices Site in Northwest Wisconsin - John M. Lambert
  • Changing Narratives at Perrot's Post near Trempealeau, Wisconsin - Jeremy L. Nienow
  • The Theler Approach to Faunal Analysis, and Its Application to Oneota Research - Katherine P. Stevenson
  • Review of Bison Remains at Wisconsin Oneota Sites  - Robert F. Sasso
  • Bison Scapulae from Hoxie Farm, Illinois: Perspectives on Upper Mississippian Subsistence and Regional Interaction - Terrance J. Martin
  • A Sandhill Crane Eggshell Fragment from Brogley Rockshelter, Grant County, Wisconsin - Janet M. Speth and Thomas Erdman
  • The Nye Site, Wisconsin: The Search for Early Man in the Upper Midwest, Investigative Incursions, and Paleozoology - Matthew G. Hill, Marlin F. Hawley, Christopher C. Widga, Laura A. Halverson Monahan, and Aland D. Wanamaker, Jr.
  • Alluvial Stratigraphy in an Unnamed Western Tributary, Ash Hollow State Park, Nebraska - David W. May, David J. Rapson, and Matthew G. Hill
  • Ecology and Environmental Degradation of Two Little Ice Age Earthlodge Villages in North DakotaL The Micromammal Evidence - Holmes A. Semken, Jr. adn Carl R. Falk
  • Holocene Range Extension of Pronghorn into the Southern Prairie Peninsula - R. Bruce McMillan
  • Freshwater Mussels from the Liverpool Landing Site, Illinois: Paleoenviromental Modeling, Community Dynamics, and Novel Ideas for Home Decor - Terrance J. Martin
  • Jean Nicolet (Again): Comment on Ronald J. Mason's "Where Nicolet and Winnebagoes First Met" - Nancy Oestreich Lurie and Patrick J. Jung
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