2009 - Vol 90 Nos 1&2

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2009 - Vol 90 Nos 1&2


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Volume 90, Numbers 1&2, January - December 2009

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Table of Contents:

  • An Introduction to the Superior Archaeology of Marla M. Buckmaster - John D. Richards and James M. Skibo
  • Marla M. Buckmaster: A Photographic Retrospective and Bibliography
  • Geoarchaeological Approaches to Site Location Modeling and Archaeological Survey in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan - John B. Anderton, Robert Legg, and Robert Regis
  • From Silver Lake to Deer Lake: Early Holocene Archaeology in Michigan's Upper Peninsula - Dillon H. Carr
  • Stone Boiling, Fire-Cracked Rock, and Nut Oil: Exploring the Origins of Pottery Making on Grand Island - James M. Skibo, Mary E. Malainey, and Eric C. Drake
  • A Laurel Initial Woodland End Scraper Cache from Fort Michimilimackinac: Exploratory Statistics as Entree to the Assessment of Individual or Collective Behavior - William A. Lovis
  • Home Sweet Home: Middle Woodland Structures from the Richter Site (47DR80), Washington Island, Door County, Wisconsin - Michelle M. Birnbaum
  • Life Along the Northern Shore: A Zooarchaeological Approach to Documenting North Bay Phase Seasonal Movements and Settlement Patterns - Ralph Koziarski
  • Nuts About Acorns: A Pilot Study on Acorn Use in Woodland Period Subsistence in the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan - Sean B. Dunham
  • Chronological Patterns of Lithic Raw Material Choice in the Grand Island-Munising Bay Locality of Michigan's Upper Peninsula: Archaeological Implications for Inter- and Intra-site Comparisons - Eric C. Drake, John G. Franzen, and James M. Skibo
  • The "Midden Years": Morphological and Compositional Variation in Ceramics from the Riverside II Site, Menominee County, Michigan - John D. Richards, and Jody A. Clauter
  • The Mero Complex and the Menominee Tribe - Prospects for a Territorial Ethnicity - David F. Overstreet
  • The Location and Description of a French Fur Trade Fort on Madeline Island in Lake Superior - Robert A. Birmingham
  • Early Iconographic Rings From Goose Lake Outlet #3 (20MQ140), Marquette County, Michigan - Carol I. Mason and James R. Paquette
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