1998 - Vol 79 No 2


1998 - Vol 79 No 2


Volume 79, Number 2, July - December 1998

Papers from the Oneota Symposium of the 54th Plains Anthropological Conference

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Table of Contents:

  • Oneota Taxonomy: Addressing Considerations of Time, Space and Form - R. Eric Hollinger and David W. Benn
  • Managing Oneota: A Reiteration and Testing of Contemporary Archaeological Taxonomy - Dale R. Henning
  • East and West Expressions of the Emergent Oneota Horizon - Perceptual Problems and Empirical Realities - David F. Overstreet
  • The Bold Counselor Phase of the Central Illinois River Valley: Oneota's Middle Mississippian Margin - Duane Esarey and Lawrence A. Conrad
  • Oneota in the Lower Illinois River Valley - Kenneth B. Farnsworth and Jodie A. O'Gorman
  • Settlement on the Southern Frontier: Oneota Occupations in the American Bottom - Douglas K. Jackson
  • Characterizing Lima Lake Oneota - David J. Nolan and Lawrence A. Conrad
  • Southeast Iowa Oneota: A Review - Joseph A. Tiffany
  • Oneota in the Central Des Moines Valley - Charles R. Moffat
  • Oneota Horizons: A La Crosse Perspective - Robert F. Boszhardt
  • The Oneota Orr Phase: Space, Time, and Ethnicity - Colin M. Betts
  • Oneota: The Western Manifestations - Dale R. Henning
  • Oneota Far West: The White Rock Phase - Brad Logan
  • A Different View of Oneota Taxonomy and Origins in the Lower Missouri Valley - Jeffrey K. Yelton

News and Notes

  • Paleoindian and Archaic Lithic Exploitation and Settlement Patterns in Northeastern Illinois: A Linnig Site Perspective: Joseph M. Galloy
  • Detection of Household Clusters at the Fred Edwards Site, Southwestern Wisconsin, Using Electrical Resistivity Surveying - Keith A. Sverdrup
  • Detection of Burial Plots at the Milwaukee County Medical Complex Using Electrical Resistivity - Keith A. Sverdrup and David F. Overstreet
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