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Weathering the Ice Age – 14,000 years of Native American History in Central Wisconsin

Oshkosh Public Museum - People of the Waters
Weekly Program

Speaker: Dr. Ray Reser, Director of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Museum of Natural History

Ancestral Native Americans have occupied Wisconsin and the Midwest for at minimum 14,300 years, and probably much longer. Some of the oldest documented megafaunal butchering sites in the continental U.S. are located in southeastern parts of the state, and additional early site locations have been discovered beneath gravel and clay layers left by the final glacial advances across Wisconsin. Dr. Ray Reser will share discoveries from
our area that detail how early peoples adapted to rapid changes in climate and food sources as our state literally rebounded from the ice age and became the place we know today.

This program is associated with the grand opening of the People of the Waters exhibit at the Oshkosh Public Museum. For more information, please see the exhibit web page (

This event is free with general admission. Please contact Karla Szekeres at 920.236.5763 or email to register for this event.