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Man Mound Day

For approximately 1000 years the Man Mound has reclined upon the land between the bluffs of the Baraboo Range.  Built by the Native Peoples of this area, along with the other remaining Effigy Mounds, it is among the oldest human-made monuments in our area.  The preservation of the Man Mound was a primary effort of the then new Sauk County Historical Society in the first decade of the 1900s, along with the Wisconsin Archeological Society and the Wisconsin Federation of Women’s Clubs. 


This summer marks the 155th anniversary of the first measuring and mapping of the Man Mound by Wm. H. Canfield and the 106th anniversary of its preservation. To commemorate these anniversaries, and the presence of this spectacular monument on the landscape, there will be an open house event at Man Mound Park on Sunday July 20th 2014 from 10 am to 3 pm.  Several organizations with an interest in Effigy Mounds, including the Wisconsin State Archeologist’s Office, will have exhibits set up to help visitors understand the importance of these special elements of the cultural landscape.  A temporary viewing stand will be available near the head of the mound to allow visitors to see an overview of the mound.  During the day there will be several informal programs, including Wm. H. Canfield stopping by (with a bit of theatrical slight-of-hand) to demonstrate the process that he used to first measure the Man Mound in 1859.


Everyone is invited to come join in the appreciation of the Man Mound.  Man Mound County Park is located on Man Mound Road two and one half miles east of County Road T, about four miles east northeast of Baraboo.