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Uncovering Protohistory: A Report on Ongoing Excavations and Geophysics at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, Illinois

Speaker: Dr. Madeleine McLeester

Location: UW-Milwaukee
3413 N. Downer Avenue, Milwaukee
Sabin Hall Room G90

Abstract: Ongoing excavations of the Middle Grant Creek (MGC) site at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie in Northern Illinois are expanding our understandings of lifeways during the final period before European arrival. This well-preserved site is one of the only single component protohistoric sites remaining in Northern Illinois and is providing researchers a unique glimpse into protohistoric communities. In this presentation, Dr. McLeester will discuss the artifact assemblage, including unexpected finds such as marine shell and painted pottery, indicative of far flung trade relationships. She will also discuss her use of new drone based thermal imaging and historical image analysis to locate previously unknown features and expand existing site limits. Throughout the presentation, Dr. McLeester will discuss how this public archaeological project is exposing the richness and complexity of late prehistoric communities and reshaping our ideas of the period just prior to European colonialism.

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