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Rock River Archaeological Society Program

March 2018 Program

Location: Rock River Archaeological Society N7725 Hwy. 28 Horicon, WI 53032

Speaker: Dr. William Mode, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Title: Ice Age History of the Fox River Valley Region

About: Dr. William Mode, Professor and Chair of the Department of Geology at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh will be presenting this very interesting program about the Fox River Valley region, a region that is definitely in our own back yard.
Dr. Mode’s research on glacial geology, palynology and climate change has taken him to the Baffin Island, Alaska, Russia and the Colorado Rocky Mountains. As a native of Wisconsin, the glacial geology of Wisconsin is also of interest to Dr. Mode. He is currently collaborating with geologists at the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey on mapping Waushara County. In his presentation, Dr. Mode will discuss the Ice Age history of the Fox River valley region and how it formed the landscape we see today.
Dr. Mode admits that research on surficial geology is actually easier to do in arctic areas than in Wisconsin, because the trees don’t get in the way in the Arctic. On top of being Department Chair, Dr. Mode’s teaching responsibilities include: Glacial Geology, Geomorphology and Honors Geology. Dr. Mode’s Ph.D. is from the University of Colorado, and he spent one year at Ohio State University as a post-doctoral fellow before coming to Oshkosh.