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At the Crossroads of Europe: Pecica-Sanţul Mare (Romania) and the Rise of Bronze Age Civilization

  • UW-L Student Center, Room 3310 La Crosse, WI (map)

The Carpathian Basin lies at the nexus of major trade routes connecting the Mediterranean to the North Sea and the vast Eurasian steppes to western Europe.  Consequently, it has long played a critical role in the innovation and spread of new ideas and technologies.  One such pivotal period was the Early Bronze Age, when the region acted as a principal hub for the production and trade of valuable goods, especially metals.  At this time, the fortified tell settlement of Pecica-Şanţul Mare (Romania) emerged not only as an economic center, but also developed complex social, political, and ritual institutions, foreshadowing transformations that become hallmarks of later Bronze Age civilizations.  Dr. Amy Nicodemus is an Assistant Professor in the UWL, Department of Archaeology & Anthropology and a MVAC Research Associate.  Call MVAC at 608-785-6473 or e-mail for more information.