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December Program - Three Rivers Archaeological Society Chapter

December 2017 Program

Location: Macktown Living History Education Center Macktown Forest Preserve, Rockton, Illinois

Speakers: Jenny Benish, Cultural Research Archaeologist and Luke Cavallaris, Staff Archaeologist, Illinois State Archaeological Survey

Title: Archaeology in the Forest Preserves of Cook County: Revisiting the Huber Site (11CK1)

Abstract: Learn about the wide range of archaeological sites managed by the Forest Preserves of Cook County, from campsites of the first Paleoindians who traveled to the area during the last ice age to World War II prisoner-of-war camps. Glimpse into the past, gain a sense of place, and understand the stewardship challenges of these non-renewable resources. The field survey of one these significant sites, the Huber Site (11CK1), has provided important information by updating site limits, adding temporal affiliations, and defining clusters. The portion of the site currently stewarded by the Forest Preserves of Cook County is the only remaining vestige of this important prehistoric village site. Management efforts to preserve, nominate for Illinois Nature Preserve status, and repair damage from decades of looting is underway as part of the Natural and Cultural Resources Master Plan