2010 - Vol 91 No 2

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2010 - Vol 91 No 2


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Volume 91, Number 2, July - December 2010

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Table of Contents:

  • Editor's Notes - John D. Richards
  • The Brogely Rockshelter (47GT156) Revisted: A History of Excavation and the Impacts of the Curation Crisis - Danielle M. Benden
  • An Analysis of Five Ceramic Vessels from the Brogley Rockshelter (47GT156) - Dominique V. Alhambra
  • The Projectile Points of Brogley Rockshelter (47GT156) - Matthew Maus
  • An Archaeological Occurrence of Bison and Pronghorn Remains at Brogley Rockshelter (47GT156), Grant County Wisconsin - James L. Theler and Jake F. Pfaffenroth
  • The Brogley Rockshelter (47GT156): A Personal Reminiscence - Robert Nelson
  • Subsistence Change and Lithic Technological Response by Late Prehistoric and Historic Occupants of the Zimmerman Site (11LS13) in the Upper Illinois River Valley of Northern Illinois - Sung Woo Park
  • Analysis of Canis sp. Remains Recovered from the Richter Site (47DR80), a North Bay Phase Middle Woodland Occupation on Washington Island, Wisconsin - Emily Mueller Epstein
  • Paul Koeppler Obituary - Neil Ostberg
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