2003 - Vol 84 Nos 1&2


2003 - Vol 84 Nos 1&2


Volume 84, Numbers 1 & 2, January - December 2003

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Table of Contents:

  • Preface - John D. Richards
  • Robert L. Hall: An Intellectual Pilgrimage in American Anthropology - Melvin L. Fowler
  • Publications and Papers of Robert L. Hall
  • Ideology and Social Organization in Ohio Hopewell Societies - Richard Yerkes
  • On the Meaning of Effigy Mounds - Robert A. Birmingham and Amy Rosebrough
  • Pictographic Compositions at Tainter Cave in Southwestern Wisconsin - Robert F. Boszhardt
  • Cahokia: Circles, Calendars, Corn, and Cosmology - Melvin L. Fowler
  • Crossing Boundaries Between Worlds: Changing Beliefs and Mortuary Practices at Cahokia - Thomas E. Emerson
  • The Cahokia Mound 72-Sub 1 Burials as Collective Representations - James A. Brown
  • A Meteor, A Mirror, A Metaphor - Donald J. Blakeslee
  • The Context of the Post Pit and Meaning of the Sacred Pole at the East St. Louis Mound Group - John E. Kelly
  • Mississippian Alkali Processing of Corn - Elizabeth D. Benchley
  • Collars, Castellations, and Cahokia: A Regional Perspective on the Aztalan Ceramic Assemblage - John D. Richards
  • Harmony in the Cahokian World - George R. Holley and John A. Koepke
  • Langford and Fisher Ceramic Traditions: Moiety, Ethnicity or Power Relations in the Upper Midwest? - Robert J. Jeske
  • Spheres of Interaction and Late Prehistory in the Northern Mississippi Valley - Roland L. Rodell
  • Cambria and the Initial Middle Missouri Variant Revised - Dale R. Henning and Dennis L. Toom
  • The Late Late Woodland Leviathan and the Mississippian Juggernaut in Southern Wisconsin: New Perspectives on Age Old Questions - George W. Christiansen III
  • I Should Have Dug Red Banks: Winnebago and Menominee Ethnicity, Identity, and Homelands - Patricia B. Richards
  • The Symbolism of Warfare - Lawrence H. Keeley
  • A Mohican Meets Mesoamericans - Alice B. Kehoe and F. Kent Reilly, III
  • Commentary: Robert at the Edge of Knowledge - Lynne Goldstein
  • References Cited
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