1998 - Vol 79 No 1


1998 - Vol 79 No 1


Volume 79, Number 1, January - June 1998

From the Northern Tier: Papers in Honor of Ronald J. Mason

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Table of Contents:

  • Preface - Charles Cleland and Robert Birmingham
  • Ronald J. Mason: A Biographical Sketch - Carol I. Mason
  • The Mason-Quimby Line Revisted - Carles E. Cleland, Margaret B. Holman, and J. Alan Holman
  • Late Pleistocene Geochronology and the Paleoindian Penetration of the Southwestern Lake Michigan Basin - David F. Overstreet
  • Paleoindian Adaptive Strategies in Wisconsin During Late Pleistocene Times - James B. Stoltman
  • Cathodoluminescence and Petrographic Techniques for Positive Identification of Quartz-Rich Lithic Artifacts from the Late Paleo-Indian Sites in the Great Lakes Region - P.J. Julig, D.G.F. Long, and R.G.V. Hancock
  • Exploratory Cluster Analysis, Temporal Change, and the Woodland Ceramics of the Portage Site at L'Abre Croche - William Lovis, Grace Rajnovich, and Aryn Bartley
  • Reconsidering the Prehistory of Northeastern Wisconsin - Victoria Dirst
  • Managing Oneota - Dale R. Henning
  • The Bell Site" Community Plan of the Grand Village of the Meskwaki - Jeffrey A. Behm
  • Expediency and Curation: The Use and Distribution of "Scrap" Trade Metal by Huron Native Peoples in Sixteenth Century Southern Ontario - M.A. Latta, P. Thibaudeau, and L. Anselmi
  • A Preliminary Assessment of Nineteenth Century Potawatomi Agriculture and Land Use Practices in Southeastern Wisconsin - Robert F. Sasso and Michelle Wilder
  • A Brief Report on the Mahler Portion of the Doty Island Village Site - Richard P. Mason and Carol L. Mason
  • "The Open Door Recognizes a Window of Opportunity" and Other Tales of Suns Turned Black - Robert L. Hall
  • Two Out of Michigan - Alice B. Kehoe
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