1988 - Vol 69 No 3

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69(3) front.jpg
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1988 - Vol 69 No 3


Volume 69, Number 3, September 1988

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Table of Contents:

  • The Gorto Site: Preliminary Report on a Late Paleo-Indian Site in Marquette County, Michigan - Marla M. Buckmaster and James R. Paquette
  • Preliminary Observations on the Distribution of the Agate Basin Point East of the Mississippi River - Richard L. Fishel
  • The Clam River Focus Revisited: Excavations at 47-Bt-36, Burnett County, Wisconsin - Allen P. Van Dyke and Edgar S. Oerichbauer
  • Conventionalized Figures on Late Woodland Ceramics - Kelvin W. Sampson
  • A New Variety of Weaver Ware from the Central Illinois River Valley - Mark A. McCounaughy
  • Archaeological Research in Wisconsin: 1988
  • Books Reviews
  • Obituary: Will Carleton McKern - Alton K. Fisher
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